Lost in Space

October 15, 2007 2:02am CST
I am now thinking on how to earn fast here in mylot. The problem is my brain becomes empty. I find it hard to create discussions. I's like I'm lost in space. Well I have no choice but to look my way home on earth... I have a lots of idea and interest to start with but I don't know how to write those things. Anyway I'm not alone with this problem. I know you guys are also like me, somehow. If we want to earn we need to do our very best effort! Goodluck MyLotters.
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@noyida (795)
• Singapore
15 Oct 07
Its not that you are lost in space or stuck with the ideas. MyLots had been saturated with residents and almost all the residents got the liberty to say anything or post any topic as long as it is not offended in a way, the moderators will accept that. I myself had been slow in posting here lately. Plus all those topic is not so that interesting for me to reply and give my views. I merely read all those posting and reply for general knowledge, none trigger my intelectual switch to reply them. Plus a lot of newbies here and nowadays myLOt doesnt pay as much as when they earlier start this webby. So you really have to work hard to earn that money. Good Luck!
• India
15 Oct 07
Yes sometimes when we are after ideas it drags us away like a mirage.But ideas come in abundance when we no longer need it.So in such occassiion which I go empty on ideas I respond to other posts.From posting response to other posts new connected ideas may flash through the mind and immediately I put it in black and white.
• Brazil
15 Oct 07
Yea!Me Too!I am a brazilian and i just want my premium Rapid Share :D.This is not my main language so you there maybe funny with me xP. Obs: My fist post :D
@MagieL (266)
• China
15 Oct 07
I aslo want to create discussions,but my brain is empty too.I aslo can't think out some interesting discussions.
• Romania
15 Oct 07
I never started a discussion myself.. just replied to other's! Try to not think about any money and just reply and create posts as you would do it for pleasure! I have $0.20 and I'm not in a hurry to get more! I like the discussions around here and reply without thinking I get anything out of it! So regardless that I make money or not I will still stay with mylot!
@deserve40 (1656)
• India
15 Oct 07
It should not be difficult for you to creat discussion if you are little active. You should read news papers, magazines so get new ideas. Even some debate and discussion on TV are useful. Here you gain knowledge and while reading different articles also many questions will arise and that provides you the material for discussion. It would be better to read and write on the subjects that you like and about which you have some knowledge.
@jhanna (335)
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
Yes, I agree! It is rather difficult to find new topics for discussion. It seems almost all topics here are covered and some if not most of the topics are repeated here anywhere in the forum. It's not difficult to create new topics if a site is new. Of course, a lot will definitely have a new topic to submit. But after a few months, you may notice that topics are hard to find something unique, new and exciting. Now that I spend much time in mylot, I prefer to response to discussion rather than create new ones. It's easier to earn that way.