How to inculcate values in your child in todays fast paced life?

October 15, 2007 6:33am CST
I am a mother of a 17 yrs old daughter. These are the dangerous formative years of her life when it would be easy for her to go onto the wrong path . The problem am facing is multifaceted . We are Indians but UK residents. For my daughter to 'fit in ' with the locals and not remain the odd one out , she has to deviate from the values which have been inculcated in her since birth . Its the cultural difference . How far would it be fair on my part to enforce the indian values on her ? Afterall she is the one who has to face peers in college , social do's and her workplace. She is left quiet confused . What would be considered a NO NO because of the background she belongs to, is acceptable as a local . Wonder if there are others like me out there ???? Facing similar issues . Keeping an open mind , one has to give in at times when one doesn't wish . Diversity of the two cultures make it an uphill task .
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15 Oct 07
Well I know I was pretty good until I was about 17 so you are right this is a crucial time for her. My mom still tried to be my "mom" and I felt like she would judge me all the time however my dad was more like a buddy and I used to be able to go to him for anything. I have 3 kids and I think that at that age yes you do need to be more of a friend because they feel like right now they don't have any friends because what they were raised and taught for so many years now none of their friends or who they want to be friends with are doing it. I think if you are more of a friend to her than a mom and talk to her so she understands what you mean you and her will have a great realationship and it will beging to grow so much more and she might even look beyond that or if she does become friends with the wrong group she may even enlighten them on her beliefs and they may want to start to be more like her. My mom and myself are like best friends now by the way too. I talk to her almost everyday.
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15 Oct 07
She'd probably rebel if u cage her and mold her into your own liking alone. Let her make her own mistakes and learn how to deal with cultural differences. For all u know, u have a different battle with it compared to that culture difference battle with your daughter.