Have you ever bought fake?

@Huying (389)
October 15, 2007 8:20pm CST
American always call the fake for goldbrick.In market,there are all kinds of fake which are bought by custommers.For some double-dealing merchants,making profit is their main aim in markets.Of course,government will punish those who voiolate the regulations.But we still have chance to buy fake.Maybe you are!
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• Australia
16 Oct 07
I've been to both Thailand and Bali, so everything I bought there was fake (which I knew before I purchased the items). I would much prefer to help the stall owner and their economy rather than pay hundred's of dollars for something in a western country and have the money go to some big corporation that is already making millions of dollars.
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@Huying (389)
• China
16 Oct 07
Maybe you are right.But I think it is difficult in developing countries.In these countries,including early developed countries,making fake is an important ways of making living.Only a long time can we change this behavior.Let's wait.
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
16 Oct 07
In India there are culprit-experts who can duplicate any complicated product and market it with a special international brand. The Government now and then conducts raids but it is not preventing these anti nationals to do a decent job.