Devin Hester!!!

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October 15, 2007 9:40pm CST
Lets face it... Devin Hester is more exciting to watch than the actual Bears game. That might of been slightly different last year, because we were actually dominating. This year however, the Bears are so bad that all I want to do is watch a team that has the guts to kick to Devin, and see what he can do. Who can believe that he can take something out of nothing. Every week its like, can this guy possible do it again. Sure enough, we get our answer. What really bothers me is that it took 6 games and 4 losses to get Devin a receiving touchdown. Why can we air the ball out more? We have two receivers who cant be overthrown in Berrian and Hester. Just let them loose. Or, forget about a quarterback all together, put Devin 10 yards behind the offense line, hike him the ball, and let him loose. If Devin didn't return kicks, we could very easily be winless. Lovie is a great coach, but the season is close to a bust. Lets air it out more. Get Grossman back in there and lets see his arm in action. We know he has one of the best long balls in the game. So, lets hear it for Hester being utilized to his fullest. He can be a receiving threat.
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@Rose7179 (217)
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16 Oct 07
Ok I agree with you all the way to the point where you said to put Grossman back in. If we do that we will lose for sure. He likes to throw the ball to the wrong team.! I think its time for a new quarterback all together!!
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17 Oct 07
Yes it's very disappointing this year as a Bears fan, to go from Superbowl runner ups to such chumps. Alot of it must have to do with getting rid of Jones and other players having on and off-field troubles. I agree Hester's a bright spot, he had the highlight of the Superbowl for the Bears too!
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28 Oct 07
I completely agree with everything you have to say about Hester. We should line him up as a wide receiver or a running back on nearly every play. He is an incredible threat to our opposition, and he should in fact be utilized to his fullest. Even if he doesn't get the ball, it gives our other offensive players a shot because Hester could work as a distraction. Why doesn't our special team players just lateral it back to Hester? Yes it might be somewhat risky, but why not give Hester more chances at big plays? This off season the Bears MUST draft a QB with their first pick. Tomorrow's game is a must win against the Lions. I'd like to see the defense step up and sack Kitna all day.
@fpd1955 (2075)
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23 Oct 07
Sorry, didn't see this discussion until after we beat the Eagles. Devin is indeed the most watchable Bear on the field, provided the other team kicks him the ball. Yesterday he had ZERO return yards because the Eagles were so afraid of him they decided to kick out of bounds or to the upman on kickoffs. When he lines up as a wide receiver (with some help from Mushin on his corrset place), the defense pays a lot of attention to him. Griese found other open receivers to make plays that were positive. The last drive was tremendous and proved that Griese should be in there, NOT REX. He avoided blitzes and stepped UP in the pocket most of the game. Rex cannot stop running backwards and throwing off his back foot. I don't know if he is afraid of getting hurt or just afraid!!! Lovie should have put Griese in during the Superbowl, because Rex proved he was in way over his head! Griese would have been rusty, true, but I would have liked Lovie do all he could to win the big game. He didn't. Berrian cannot seem to catch this year!! What's up with that? I think the games against Minnesota and against the Eagles prove that Devin is a deep threat, as well as a short one as a wide receiver. He made some key catches Sunday and I so look forward to seeing him "gel" into the offense!! Go Bears!!! PEACE
@mmike7 (2)
21 Oct 07
hi, obcookin I am from chicago and have loved the bears for years. Devin is a very good player, but the bears should also get the most out of him by using him more as a receiver. The bears de-fence need to blitz more instead of rushing four men. I am sorry but grossman have had to much of a opportunity.