please im breaking my mind thinking about this!

United States
October 15, 2007 11:24pm CST
i been chillin with this one girl like everyday for about 2 months. i cant tell if we are just friends or if i really have bigger feelings for her. i feel empty when im not around her and i am fun when i am around her. she is also my friends sister. ok so its either we are just really good friends or something more. and i feel it is a feeling we both have. ok so here is the problem there is this girl i dated a few years back. and she did something bad to me. but i just keep going back, like it never happend and we are still like best friends. when im with her, i forget about EVERYTHING bad and it seems as if time speeds up. just the other day we chilld on a bench by the river and just watched it. i felt like i could stay there all my life but all of the sudden an hour had past when it had seemed like only a few minutes. i only hang out with this girl about once a month. she has a dude she chills with like i chill with the previosly mentioned female but i think she not likes him like that. we'll call the first girl..... linda and the second girl ..... shawnee any thoughts?
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