I dont know what to do or what to think

United States
October 16, 2007 3:09am CST
My husbands 42 year old aunt is in the final stages of dying from cancer that started in her cervix and has progressed to her brain. She donated her body to science so that she could be cremated free and so there was no burden left on her family. When you donate your body to science after you pass away they give your family a check to go towards the viewing. My husbands family, are not wanting to have a viewing for her and that really bothers me. I feel that her friends and other family members should be able to pay their final respects at the funeral home. They are wanting to give that money to aunt maggies great nephews and nieces which my kids would be included in. And I dont want them to except it. Am I wrong in being upset about this. I cant ask maggie her opinion because she cant talk anymore please give me your imput
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@mindmap (36)
• Sweden
16 Oct 07
I understand why you're upset, and normally a viewing is good for the grieving process. But I also think this has to be decided by her closest kin. Wrong or not it has to be their decision since she can't make it herself anymore.
• United States
16 Oct 07
Thank you for your comment you are right. I just feel so bad for her because every since she has gotten sick they have been putting her down ignoring her calls and not going to see her and I hate that she has had to live the end of her life that way and then I feel that they are just not wanting to have a viewing because they dont care about her. I am trying my best to stay out of it and I guess that is what I should do I just love her and I hate to see anybody treated wrongly. Again thank you for your comment
@rsa101 (22933)
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
I guess you just have to respect the wish of your aunt in law.... I think she has reasons behind her decision to have her body donated to science. It may be good for those that will have to study her body and may proved helpful to humanity itself. Hopefully science can better understand this disease with this people trying to donate their bodies in the name of science.
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
Hi mandyb7714! I guess, i will be upset too if I were in your shoes but then your husband and his family are the ones calling the shots here. Even though how much you love her, you can only do so much for her. So, while she is still living give her all the love that you can give as a sign of your final respect to her. I am sure she already knows that. I just hope that they will change their mind so that people who wants to pay their final respect to Aunt Maggie will be given that chance. Take care and God bless!
@tines2512 (326)
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
For me thats very much sad at all