Has anyone read the book THE SECRET?

@maapav (729)
October 16, 2007 5:17am CST
It is really a great book by Rhonda byrne.It is an inspirational and motivating book. It can really change your life or the way you look your life.
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@patgalca (15556)
• Orangeville, Ontario
16 Oct 07
I have heard people say the DVD changed their life. I got the DVD and have watched it once. It is 90 minutes long so finding time to watch it is difficult and it is really something you need to watch again to get the message across (even though I saw all the Oprah shows on it). I just have trouble believing one can change their life overnight. I have been trying for years and I guess it is just me. I am so set in my ways and unfortunately a negative person. Believe me, I would love to change but I find it difficult to change without actually pretending to be someone you are not, or putting on a facade. That can be pretty stressful. I do hope you are able to make the changes in your life this book and DVD give. I have started to collect pictures for a life goal picture board, but haven't found everything yet and can't spend all my time looking. Good luck to you!
@sophylline (1042)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
I am interested in inspirational and motivating type of books. I hope you can add more details about this book. I would like to know what kind of book this is. Is it a novel? Is it a book full of compiled true touching stories. I hope you don't mind to share more so we could have a more feel to it and then maybe I can decide if I want to buy one. Thank you.
@anonymili (3138)
16 Oct 07
I haven't read it nor have I heard of it but if it's inspiring and motivational, maybe you could tell me a bit more about it and I could maybe get it when I next place an order from Amazon?