Do you utilize the time well?

October 16, 2007 7:27pm CST
Are you passing the time or time is automatically passing? Time does not care to any person. What are he doing and what is he planning to do. Time is moving to unseen destination. None could stop or control the speed or velocity of time. But who could run faster than time could control it. In the light of this fact we should never say that we are passing the time. Time is passing it self and if you need win, you should try to control the passing moments of time.
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• India
23 Dec 08
I feel I am using my time very well, right now-that means at this stage of life. I find very little time to waste,in the sense that,I am always hard-pressed for time. At office I have demands on my time put by the regular meetings and the exigency of current and future jobs. At home I have to apportion time to family upkeep and the pursuit of my interests. The pursuit of my interests keep me intellectually and emotionally healthy. Yet I keep finding innovative ways of finding time for my pursuits which is reading mainly. Then there are these blogging work like myLot and other sites. It takes some time to decide whether one could maximize the earnings from an activity and examine whether one could find the activity worth pursuing.