it is wise to find the wife on internet?

@daring (235)
October 17, 2007 2:56am CST
while i was chatting on yahoo messenger i meet many people looking to get married they are looking for a life partner on internet and you will find different marriage website but will it be wise to find the wife or husband from the internet?
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@freak369 (5120)
• United States
17 Oct 07
You have to be careful with marriages and the internet, some people are looking for companionship and others a way to get out of their country or citizenship in another country. Some are scams, some are legit. There are times when you have to think with your head instead of your heart.
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
17 Oct 07
The internet is like any meeting place-you can find the love of your life anywhere, what is very important is that before you lead him/her to the alter to say I do, know her/him well enough-know the person you are committing your life to, long enough to have the confidence to marry that person. Hurrying to get married is folly young people commit whether on the internet or in everyday physical life. In my honest oppinion, you can get a loving wife/husband any where and the net is not an exception, you only need to move very carefully!
@diillu (5128)
17 Oct 07
Yes, these days there are many dating and many other sites where people are seeking for life partner. But I don't think that it is pretty good idea. Internet is full of scams and relationship isn't something we can just start with. First we have to understand that people. And understanding people through internet is kind of impossible. And the foundation of relationship is trust. I don't think we can trust someone we know from internet. I don't think seeking life partner in internet is any good idea.
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
i don't buy the idea of finding a lifetime partner in the net. i mean if your whole relationship is in the net, how can you be so sure that you really like the person youre chatting with? it's really different if you know each other personally, that you see each other regularly.. :-)