Stripped Telephone Wires

United States
October 17, 2007 3:49am CST
The other day, somebody broke into the box at the end of my road that goes to the telephone lines. They decided to strip the wires for the copper and that made the phone service go totally out! That was surprising considering I live out in a rural area (in the country). Apparently the person/persons who did it was after the copper wiring that they can sell. Later the same day, we had a major storm and everything was flooded, so the phones couldn't be fixed and we went without the internet for a while lol. A few months ago, they found a dead body dumped at the end of the road (on my road, it's mostly family who lives down it and it isn't that long). I heard yesterday that it was actually two seperate bodies found. It's really frustrating when the type of crime that you find in a city finds its way to the middle of nowhere.
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
24 Oct 07
Living anywhere is dangerous anymore as crime is everywhere. It seems as though crimes are increasing in evey state,city,town,etc. Metal theft is up in most places as prices for recycling it is higher than ever. Copper prices have skyrocketed and are still increasing. I know my husband made a living for over 5 years by buying junk car and recycling the metal off of them, and selling the motors and converters to other scrap yards. It is an increasing business and it will continue to add to the thefts as long as the prices are like this. Here the copper has been stolen from houses,schools being built, any costruction site, etc. It is sad that people feel that it is okay to steal it and resell it,but with the economy the way it is people are doing all they can to stay above the water and keep food and clothes for themselves and their kids. It seems as though food costs and gas costs have increased so much and people aren't seeing any extra money.
• United States
25 Oct 07
I agree that more people feel that they have to steal to make ends meet. I know a lot of people who have to take on two jobs everyday just to be able to buy food and pay bills. It is really sad that things have gotten this bad. I wish we still lived in the 1940's when a soda cost a nickel and a brand new car was only like $200.00.