..why do women love sweets more than men do?....

@rave700 (247)
October 17, 2007 6:20am CST
..i notice women/girls do love sweets more than men does...
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18 Oct 07
Tahts not true I love sweets more than some women and Im a guy!
@poohgal (6847)
• Singapore
17 Oct 07
Hello there. I do not think there's any reason for this question. It's really up to individual preferences. I do know of girls who do not enjoy sweets and men who does. However, it's indeed true that most girls like sweet things and most guys like savory food. Anyway, personally, i do not like sweets but I enjoy chocolates. Actually, eating chocolates in moderation is good. Chocolates helps in the release of endorphin. Endorphin helps to give us a sense of well-being. Excising also helps to release endorphin. This explains why usually after eating chocolates or exercising, people usually feel happier and more cheerful. =D
@youless (100239)
• Guangzhou, China
17 Oct 07
I don't know whether this is true. But it seems that women like eating snacks more than men. So perhaps this is why we eat more sweets than men.
17 Oct 07
I havent noticed that If its tru I think the probable reason wud be they look sweet:)
• Bulgaria
17 Oct 07
This is a fact. I love sweets but mostly I love chocolate. I can't live without chocolate. Chocolate gives more oxygen to your brain and helps you think better. Another good feature is it's ability to make you feel happier. Women eat even more from it when they're in depression,but there's also one thing that makes them want this and I'm sure you haven't though of it. It's their period. We throw away a lot of blood (this depends of course) and need to fill our need with sweets.That's it.