cold war b/w parents and children

October 17, 2007 10:05am CST
Can u tell why todays children are hasty in taking decisions and resulting them sels in bad or wrong path.Whether it is in case of education,or in the case of their life issues.Okay i go with that,that todays world is runnig at greater speed,but that is call development .Being parents it is our responsibility to guide them and be with them while taking decision,but childrens r not allowing us to discuss.they r deciding us as old,and unfit to talk.I am not getting there idea of parents?only when they b'come parents they r able to know .in course of time they r lossing,or walking in wrong way.They feel parents as PAY -RENT and all the life we strive for there goodness.Being parents we can't see our children in problems?what do u think,or is their any other way to deal like these pts in life without lossing any thing as a good life leader.......................?
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@SViswan (12059)
• India
18 Oct 07
I feel that some parents are too protective. I mother is like that. I'm married and have a life of my own. I don't stay with my parents. But my mother still feels that she needs to guide me. Guiding by a parent is okay but when the guiding becomes controlling, then it becomes a problem and kids will rebel. They refuse to do what they have to do just to get back (even if it's the same thing they want to do). Kids make mistakes...all of us make mistakes. I understand some of my mother's words of wisdom now that I am a parent but I think the way she tried to communicate with me was wrong. Respect is a two way thing which both parents and kids need to give each other. If you understand their viewpoints and guide them within limits, they will surely listen and make the right choices. Do not make their choices for them but teach them how to make the right choices.