What laptop should I buy?

October 17, 2007 3:39pm CST
Yes, I have like 1000$ to use, but I don't know which laptop should I buy. I heard that Alienware is expensive and brand takes like 300$ from price. So, that's not what I want. Laptop should have big battery, it's not weight and has dual core and sum memory. That's all "Special features" I need. So, can you tell me which one should I take? I dont really know should I buy from my country or america/other country. Will there be problems at customs? Someone, help me out of this!
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• United States
17 Oct 07
...My best friend's hubby is a computer forensic specialist and I asked him the same question. He said he would buy a Dell. ...My old lap top is a Compaq. It is still going strong, I have never had any problems with it and would recommend it, too. ...Check out both Dell and Compaq. One may meet your needs more than the other. ...Good luck, have fun and peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della
• Finland
18 Oct 07
Oh,thanks for asking. I'm looking for some dell computers now. Lot of people saying they are good lol. Thanks for referral dude btw! Well, let's meet at myLot again with my dell computer lol thanks for all*!
• India
3 Mar 08
better go for apple it rockz
@player143 (879)
• India
22 Feb 08
I dont have a laptop computer.so iam not able to judge which is the best laptop
• Belgium
8 Dec 07
Dell HP/compaq, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo Thinkpads(beware that you only buy the thinkpad from Lenovo this is the former IBM and they have very good quality) are good Brands. Brandless is cheaper butt more risky, some manufactures just don't know what exactly the making. Lenovo Thinkpads are very strong, but look a little outdated. Toshiba mostly a very gooed sound system. Dell and Hp/compaq are good quality nothing generly special to report about it. it depends on the model. One of these producers i dare stick my hands in the fire to sate that they have a good quality. The price depends on where you want to buy it and whatr offers they have. Also Take a look at the laptop in a store or something even if you buy it from the net. As a former salesmen/repairmen i can say that a good laptop is also personal because you have to work with is so it has to work easy or pleasant for you.
• Philippines
18 Oct 07
My cousin showed me this DELL laptop which cost like $1000. I think it's a promo or something.
@docyzx (4)
• United States
18 Oct 07
well all i could say is that you should buy apple laptops because there good laptops