self-imposed deadlines

October 18, 2007 3:29am CST
Is anyone out there good at setting their own deadlines and sticking to them? I am one of those people who works best under pressure - but without an external date or time frame to complete anything my books always go unfinished. I do the same on everything - I start with all guns blazing, then fizzle out when it starts to get harder (I'm trying to lose weight too - and I go great for about 3 weeks, then it goes horribly wrong!). Has anyone found that posting every day on here has helped them to gain the discipline they need to get writing every day, no matter what?
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@missbdoll (1168)
• Australia
19 Oct 07
I usualy set myself deadlines and then panic I'll never finnish in time and then usualy I finnish ahead of time.
19 Oct 07
How do you manage to convince yourself to stick to the deadlines? I just don't seem to be able to stick to anything!
@cutepenguin (6448)
• Canada
18 Oct 07
I am not good at deadlines, or really self-imposed anything. And I thought that I would gain discipline by doing different things like mylot or even just regular reading each day, but I can stop doing these things without even noticing. I'm such a dilettante. Fortunately, my job is continuous, and everything needs to be done that day, so I do not have to do any long term projects.
19 Oct 07
I am a bit of a dilettante too - I am too interested in everything, so I filt from project to project without really finishing anything fully.
• Philippines
18 Oct 07
It depends. Like when I'm writing an article assigned by one of my editors, I do make it a point to beat the deadlines they set. But when it comes to the book I've been trying to write or maintaining my blogs, I let the muses do the job and wait for moments of inspiration instead of forcing myself to write. And no, I don't post here everyday. Only when I feel like it and I have time on my hands to spare.
18 Oct 07
Thank you for your response - my muse is sadly missing most of the time - I think he or she must have a far more exciting writer to go and inspire, so only comes to me when they are on holiday!
@Nushka (75)
• Argentina
24 Mar 08
I've been writing my PhD thesis and I've found out that setting deadlines can be very useful. However you have to be flexible because you cannot tell how long each part is going to take. So you should be very experienced to be able to set up a realistic deadline.