How will you judge the true love of your life.

@saunty (604)
October 18, 2007 3:43am CST
In this corporate world , where everyone is busy with his/her own shedule and has very little time for their personal relationship, how will you judge a person to be your true lover.So many guys always moving around you , trying to illure you with their attitude and style, but how to judge them , that who is the true lover and who really love you from the core of his heart and is not simply trying to seduce you??
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@lucky_witch (2710)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
Well, no assurance. It depends actually with the person, and his belief and culture. no matter what kind of life style you have, no matter what kind of society you are in. Once you experienced true love and once you say to yourself that you already find your true love, and you already feel that you are ready to start your own family, that is the time that everything will change.
@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
20 Oct 07
To me true love is just a concept. When you begin not trusting yourself, you begin to not trust others. Same for else side. Give and respect him, and he will give you more than you can imagine. I know this is hard for woman's behavior of giving and giving, but in the end, you will know it's true or not. Good luck, my dear.
@fengbo (731)
• China
19 Oct 07
In this corporate world,the true love is very very singularly,so many people all waywardly,we wants to know about someone is very hardy.But in my opinion, the ture love is a person who can do verythings will make you happy,and still keep the love,calling,believe and all things.I judge my love always depend on my feeling,i believe my feeling,when someone bring me the special feeling and make me very happy.I will very glad stay with she.....I think the time will validate the true love,what do you think of?It's only my personal opinion...hehe .
@okwusman1 (2249)
• Abuja, Nigeria
18 Oct 07
the love of my life should be caring, sharing, providing, praying, loving, calling, texting love notes, listening to me irrespective of his business and daily jod schedules.
@shak143 (1280)
• India
18 Oct 07
first of all i don't think so there is still a true love in this corporate world.a true love is one who understand you and who will stand for you in good and in bad.there is no judgement for true love it is all just one's experience and one's requirement.