Ever Had a CRAPPY Boss????

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October 18, 2007 4:04pm CST
Do you ever get a mean nasty boss at your jobs? Or is it just ME? It seems almost every job I have had in my life had at least a manager or supervisor who just didnt like me. Each time it had nothing to do with me as a worker but me as a person. My sweet loving personality seems to clash with the best of the meanest! NOT naming companies here. But I worked for a toystore in 1998-1999 and the supervisor was SO mean there she fired me claiming I was hired as seaonsal even though I prooved her wrong that I wasnt. She wasnt the only one. I worked at a bookstore, well known, for 4 yrs. A few months before the store closed 2 managers ganged up on me and kept picking on me. I think there was ONE person who complained but the one lady told me that everyone was complaining and also told me to quit and well she didnt like me. She left before I could report her but for a while there I was pulled in the office each time I came to work which wasnt more than once a week! All for her to keep telling me I wasnt you know improving. I am back at a bookstore, same company since March. The boss there is SO mean she will not transfer me to another store in the state we are moving to claiming she cant. But she can, I spoke to HR. I just dont get her and I dont like her either. And I have done NOTHING wrong either!! Ugh! What about you?? Ever have a crappy manager or boss or whatever?? Thanx for all your thoughts.
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@RosieS57 (889)
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18 Oct 07
Yeah. My worst one got himself promoted up and away from where I was, thankfully. Even though we fought and he gave me crap; he needed me to make himself look good and knew it. He never got the best of me. My advice is to keep on keeping on. The best revenge is when you outlast the nasty ones! Good luck in getting better bosses in the future.