What's your most unforgettable experience?

October 18, 2007 7:59pm CST
Hi!All I enjoy swimming during the summer holiday. In my life, there was an experience that I will never forget. I remember that day I went swimming with my best friend to the swimming area of the river. There are many people by the river, some are eating, some are preparing for swimming. When we got on the bank after swimming for a while. Suddenly, there was a shout"Help,Help!" We thought someone might make a joke. Then we found it something wrong. We both quickly took a swimming ring to jump into the river and swam to the person. He finally grasped the ring. And we push him to the bank. Later we knew that he was very excited after drinking much wine. He said he could swim, but he was a little drunk. And swam a little far from the bank, he was totally exhausted. How horrible if we were late?
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@ssh123 (31085)
• India
20 Oct 07
I was working as a Sr.sales executive for a real estate company in Bangalore. They had acquired a pice of land where they build 6-bedroom flats with swimming pool, sports arena, lawn etc. and it is really a luxrious apartment - idea conceived and my company just prepared the plan. I had a visitor from Hong Kong and after negotiation, all the 6 flats (not even foundation stone was laid) were sold and that is really remarkable. The company could build the flats easily from the sale proceeds. They did complete the construction and handed over to the NRI from Hong Kong. I received a good incentive from the company for having boked all the flats in one go, that too much before the construction started. That is most unforgettable experience for me.
• China
20 Oct 07
Hi! You really did great. Many people want to do this kind of job because it can make people make lots of money in a shor time. Real estate is value-adding business. There are many people dealing with this kind of business. Most of them are very rich. wish you good luck!