Rainy days. Saving money for them.

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
October 19, 2007 11:48am CST
Are you saving money towards a rainy day? Or is it raining days in your life more often than you're walking in the sunshine? Solvent and saving and happy. My life it rains more often than not ( and I live in a place where it rains in reality maybe 2-3 times a year!)and every time I put away a little savings I get deluged by expenses that pop up unexpectedly right when I am patting myself on the back for managing to save any money. If you are currently saving money. Do you have plans for it, is it the ..... fund, for a vacation, or a gambling trip, or retirement?
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20 Oct 07
I wish I could save for a rainy day! I'm useless, everytime I save a bit of money, I end up finding a pair of shoes or something that I really want and end up spending it! I'm hopeless at saving and to be honest, I don't really see the point in saving for a rainy day! What if that rainy day never comes, you'll never spend your money. The only time I'll save is when its for something I want. IT makes it more worthwhile and I end up saving more and getting what I want quicker!
@arkaf61 (10882)
• Canada
20 Oct 07
Oh my.. I know exactly what you mean!!! There's that saying that into each life a little rain must fall.. but in my case I think I should have built an ark like Noah because it has been raining for the last 10 years. My life was great before. THIngs were all running perfectly. I wasn't getting rich, but I had enough for everything including emergencies or unexpected expenses even though back there weren't that many of those. That was the reason why we agreed to buy the house with my in laws. But once we did, everything started going downhill. My husband was laid off 3 times in a row each time his new job was always paying less. That seemed to start a chain of events that haven't stopped. And every time that we think that maybe we can start breathing because things seem to be getting better something else comes along that sets us even more back than what we were. That seems to happen even more when we finally indulge in something. I remember 2 years ago after a very bad beginning of the year, we seemed to finally get some positive stuff coming. We were able to save for the sofa bed we needed because we had just lost our bedroom - we had decided to use the only two bedrooms in the house for our kids and use the living room for us to sleep. My husband's job seemed to be going well and we were able to save for the sofa in less than 4 months. Well... exactly the day we got it and paid for it,my husband's car broke down and we learned it needed a new transmission - in itself almost double of what we had paid for the sofa bed. That same nigh someone backed a car or a van on our backyard fence with such force that it broke trough it - and then drove away so we never knew who it was. One more expense. The next morning I learned that my work hours had been cut - I lost 10 hours a week.And in the weekend after we got the darn sofa we learned that raccons had been making holes in or roof to get inside and the roof needed to be either fixed or - better they said because it was quite damaged - redone. SO for an indulgence of about $600 that we took 3 months to save for, we ended up paying several times that amount!!!! Same thing happened when a few years back our old car wouldn't pass the emissions test. Hubby's uncle said he was going to buy a new car and would give us his old one because it was still newer than ours and would pass the test. ON the day that he went to pick up the new car with his son that was then going to leave his old car here for us. They had an accident. They didn't get hurt but the car was totaled and not even worth fixing!!! Yep... lots of rain here... more like the deluge LOL I"m still waiting for a bit of sunshine just so we can have a small break from getting drenched :)
@jesus777 (664)
• Bermuda
20 Oct 07
saving and money im laughing because i see my check to put it int he bank but it get taken out for groceries and other stuff were i live stuff is sky high i live in bermuda so saving any money is no way or no how i dont want too scare you but a loaf of bread is 7 bucks milk is 6 bucks so saving money yeah right not in this life time
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
19 Oct 07
Hello there. Do not be discouraged. I am sure you will be able to start saving for your future soon. Have faith. For myself, I am having faith in that. Even though, i also feel that my life rains more often than not, I believe God has a purpose for everything and I thank God for delivering me each and every time. Currently, I am saving about 20% of my income. I am saving for rainy days, short term goals (ie holidays) and long term goals (ie retirement)
• United States
19 Oct 07
Funny you should mention rain. That's all we've been getting since Wednesday here. A bad storm through out lights in the whole neighborhood for a few hours last night. Right now, for us, there is no savings. Every time we start one, something happens and the money has to be spent, but that's okay. It's called paying dues, lol. We had it pretty easy until I couldn't work in my field anymore, but that's what internet and colleges are for, to get new fields. When I do have a savings, I'll be reinvesting it into other profitable ventures. Make the money work for me faster than it would earning savings account interest. Of course, I'm sure there will be shopping sprees and vacations in the cards too, lol.