Bloodshed in Pakistan

@fhm1987 (243)
October 20, 2007 1:22am CST
Over 135 participants of a procession led by former prime minister Benazir Bhutto upon her return to the country lost their lives on Thursday night after two powerful blasts rocked the slow-moving motorcade edging its way past the Karsaz bridge, on Sharea Faisal. At least 550 people were injured in the explosions.
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@sungat (1015)
• Pakistan
20 Oct 07
yes,it was a very sad thing ever in history of paksitan,inncocent people where killed and wounded with out any reason,such blasts have very bad impact on our country,how we represent our country,it is realy shame thing ever i saw in pakistan history
@fhm1987 (243)
• Pakistan
20 Oct 07
thanx for responding. indeed it was a shamefull act and it degraded our country's image throughout the world. anyway lets pray God and ask for forgiveness in order to remain saved from further destructions.... Also we should elect true and honest members for parliments.
@Mickie30 (2629)
28 Dec 07
I can only empathise with the people of pakistan. I think it's awful what's going on there. It makes us realise that despite how much we moan and complain about every day little things and we complain about the Country we live in there are people who are suffering a lot worse out there. I think to kill a woman Prime Minister is just horrendous it makes you wonder what the world is coming to when people can do this. I cannot imagine how the people of Pakistan are feeling about this it must be a horrible position to be in and there must be a lot of sadness, anger and grief there today. I can understand how people feel shocked the person who did this was probably made to believe if they did this then they would go to heaven. I didn't realise there were other people who were injured this is such a selfish killing. I can't imagine the pain the family must feel and the family of Benazir Bhutto. We can say how we feel, but imagine the pain and anger of the family this morning. We need to pray for them
• Kottayam, India
27 Dec 07
Those are taking sword will be perish by the same