which hand do you use to write?

October 20, 2007 9:14am CST
hi, it is interesting to look someone who use left hand to write something. as in our country, we are taught to write using right hand. we are also taught to eat using right hand. if we use the left hand to do these things, we will be punished. so, are you right-handed or left-handed?
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@zidlore (251)
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
I am right handed. I usually use my left hand only for support.
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• Malaysia
20 Oct 07
I usually used right hand in writing. In our country, there are more peoples use right hand than left hand. We're not be punished if we use left hand to write but it is not pilite to use left hand to give something to peoples.
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
In writing, my dominant hand is left. But in most of my activities like holding a badminton racket, my dominant hand is right. :) I write beautifully with my left, and awkwardly with my right.
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• Philippines
28 Oct 07
Qinqin1202, I am left-handed! Left-handed people should not be punished. They should be allowed to use their left hand if they are to be left-handed. Left-handed people are noted in their creativity.
@cobradene (1171)
• India
27 Oct 07
There is no hard and fast rule in our country, but most Hindus believe you should at least eat with your right hand. If you eat with your left hand, usually you are ridiculed. But, I use my right hand to eat as well as write.
@suspenseful (40313)
• Canada
26 Oct 07
I am left-handed and it is inherited. I am afraid I would not be able to make a living if I lived in your country, so I guess all the left-handers in your country are getting people to wait on them hand and foot. You should use your dominant hand or your writing would not be as good as it would be. I cannot even eat good with my right hand. I am slightly6 ambidextrous but using my right hand would take longer.
@julianarw (1524)
• Netherlands
22 Oct 07
I am right handed. I eat, write, do anything with my right handed. Of course my left-handed help me ^_^;;
@Savvynlady (3685)
• United States
21 Oct 07
I'm a lefty. My parents encouraged me to use it as a child, so I write and do stuff dominantly with it.
• United States
20 Oct 07
I'm right handed. So is my husband and one of my sons. We're not sure about our youngest son. He does somethings with his right hand and then will switch between the two for other things. He still hasn't figured out which hand he wants to use to write. He will start out with one hand and switch to the other when he has to color or write on the other side of the paper.