Guys obsession on World of Warcraft (WoW)

October 20, 2007 11:32am CST
Ever since I met my boyfriend, he was very much into online games. I thought it was just a phase during college but he did not outgrow this habit. It turned to be an obsession. He's into World of Warcraft (WoW) right now and most of his free time, he spends it playing the game. It sometimes stretches over the weekend leaving us no time to be together. I am not sure if I should make a big deal out of this. Thinking about it, at least I know that he's only into games and not into women like most guys are. What do you think?
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• United States
23 Oct 07
well.. be happy it's not your parents who are obsessed! that game is very addicting. my dad played it a lot and my mom got in to it.. now it's all they do! i have played it before, it is pretty fun but you have to learn how to know let it control your life! try and talk to him about it... i had to do that with my parents. it only worked for a little bit tho :(
• Philippines
23 Oct 07
Actually he knows how I feel about his "obsession" but he keeps playing it anyway. He did limit his playing time though, unlike before when he allots at least four (4) hours playing time everyday. Its a habit to them like eating and drinking... you know what I mean.
• United States
18 Apr 08
i play wow on a free server called, nice people and no monthly fee :)
16 Nov 07
Give him sumthing to lure him away from the game. Then tell him no more of that if he keeps playing. Only one outcome then! :p
@khateya (264)
• Australia
15 Nov 07
this game is very soul stealing that anyone who put concentration on it will lose their time on it at least 2 hours a day. i like a community that he can make many friends there like a lively forum. You should talk to him but you can't make him stop from the game, m sure!!! Ask him to limite his time on such game...
• Norway
24 Oct 07
you should talk to him;)