why do we fall in love

United States
October 20, 2007 3:47pm CST
Love is so hard to manage.You think someone loves you but they don't love you the same,it hurts because you are trying to do everything to make that person happy, but at the same time you are not,because all you want is someone to love you for you, not what is in my past.This young lady that i'm trying to write about is still my best friend,but i miss the things we used to do the traveling that we did.Tell me is there others like me out there.Let me know please because love hurts
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• United States
21 Oct 07
We fall in love because we have to, we cannot fight those feelings. I did my best to fight my feelings when it came to the man that I love, but I could not do it. When love comes, it is very unexpected. I never expected to fall in love, but I did.
@cherryee (53)
• China
21 Oct 07
In fact, there a number of people who fall in love do not because they love each other. Maybe they just feel lonely and desire someone to accompany. Of course, I do not deny all of the lovers. But every time you say "love" doesn't mean you can sacrifice everything for your companion.
@fracktion (154)
• Philippines
21 Oct 07
I do not believe in falling in love. I read this book about love and falling in love and I think its correct (The road less traveled). Says there that "one of the most misconception about love is that falling in love is love or at least one of the manifestation of love". Well, its not and I agree to the book and the so called falling in love is not love per se. Ahhhhhh... My head is turning... maybe this is love? Hahaha. Seriously, you will know if its love if you are committed to that person no matter what she/he. After marriage and you feel you dont really like her/him and you chose to stay... that I think is love... no conditions...
@wisedragon (2330)
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
I understand how you feel because I'm going through the exact same thing. You're not alone. I thought we would be happy together, but now it seems I'm not the one that makes her happy.