Ajax’s characteristic

October 21, 2007 4:51am CST
1.Prototype Window 2.contact form 3.AJAX you can trust for IT 4.Free MLS Search Find Homes in Your Area 5.Greybox:an easy java popup box 6.Digg 7.ajax tabs content script 8.edit in place with ajax 9.lightbox/modal window effect using css 10.google x script 11.googlemap with geocode support 12.Browser-based instant messaging client 13.jquery portlets 14.highslide js thumbnail viewer 15.swfupload 16.35mm photo viewer 16.tjpzoom -js/css/dom image magnifier 17.loupe.js-java image 18.swazz javascript calendar 19.an ajax file uploads progress bar 20.turbodbadmin 21.debugscreen 22.plotkit-javascript chart plotting 21.prototype carousel class
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