The Ingteresting Customs In Yunnan

October 22, 2007 7:23am CST
Have you ever been to Yunnan of China?There are a lot of minority nationalitiein Yunnan.They wear special cloths,eat spespesifical food and speak really different langue.However,the most interesting thing is there customs,especially there wedding customs. Different nation has different customs in wedding.One of these nations,which named Ta Liu has an astonishing rule:Before one adult who want to get marriage,he must go to make love with some girls,and after that,if the girl is satisfy with the boy,she will give him an mini packet.After the boy collects enought packets(maybe 7or more,I don't remember) He can marriage any girl he loves. If there is any custom in your area?Talk with us.
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@yanstill (1490)
• China
23 Oct 07
is that true?about the wedding custom?oh...that is astonishing,i've never heard of that before,it's a strange custom for me,all i heard about yunnan is its beautiful scenes,li of my students have been there for several days,she talked to me a lot about it,about animals and mountains,wish i could be there someday.
• China
24 Oct 07
Yes,it's really beautful,and the enviornment here is very good.There are moer interesting customs here,and I will talk about them during the following days