Dillema of first years marriage. How you consult to yours?

@aowaow (1516)
October 22, 2007 11:29pm CST
There is a kind of person that's good in hiding their real personality. Until one curve end, your marriage spouse had shown its teeth to you. Is it? It's still an early marriage year with 1 kid. Your spouse showed totally vice versing personality then what you had on lover relationship. How do you face this part? How do you consult the personality to your spouse? Do you think because of the new conditions in the marriage life that made your spouse personality been changed?
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• China
23 Oct 07
i think you can chat with your spouse when he is free. try to understand his real thought, and find the best method to deal with it. just believe that the love exists between you forever.fihgting
@foxygirle (377)
• Philippines
23 Oct 07
that's horrible. i hope you can talk to your spouse about the change of attitude, otherwise you will always be worried and fearful of the situation. Sometimes when we are in the lover stage we may have overlook some small details of his personality, are you really sure that he only changed after the marriage? Otherwise do seek help either from friends and relatives and let him know that you dont like what's happening.