what is the amazing korea that attrack you?

October 23, 2007 6:13pm CST
some poeple love korea becouse of its culture, some of them love its people. me love bout the game online technology. one of them is called lineage2. they made such wonderfull game I ever play. so what is the amazing korea that attrack you anw?? why??
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• Philippines
19 Aug 12
For me, Korea is very good in terms of Music Industry, Film Industry, Food Industry and Tourism. In music, there are a lot of korean songs which adopted by American like How did we get of auburn and Jason Derulo, Wedding dress of taeyang. They do and create songs very well. When it comes to love songs, many people like it even though they dont understand it. we love the melody of it. In the film industry, korean movies are also good,my sassy girl has an american version too. In food I really love their rice cake and bolgogi. In tourism, they have good places to visit like the Jeju Island, and the Bear Factory, I dont if that's the name but there are many teddy bears on that place. For me, Korea attracts me a lot that came to the point that I wish I am korean.
• India
6 Nov 08
Koran Fashion is what attracts me. Korean boys are probably the best looking according to me, long straight hair, clean shaven and a grat dressing sense, some of the people say they are feminine, I don't agree. Korean Girls are really very hot, they have sexy ivory skin which is amazing.