What is the Best Bargain you purchased on Ebay?

October 23, 2007 8:06pm CST
I love Ebay! But I have found it's hard to find a good bargain lately, if you include postage costs with the sale price you can pretty much buy the item for the same price in the stores. But I have had three great bargains on Ebay, a piano for $200.00, a new computer that I'm typing on now for $300.00-came with subwoofer speakers and inkjet printer/scanner/fax machine and cordless keyboard and mouse (as you can see I love my computer). And the third bargain was fantastic Cure concert tickets. The girl had sold them for over $300.00 twice and the people didn't pay, she emailed my 4 days before the concert and offered the two tickets to me for $100.00 for both! I was estatic. Tell me about some of your best bargains.
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@violeta_va (4832)
• Australia
25 Oct 07
me and my 8 year old nephew collect those little spoons that you get from holiday so I once got over 100 of them with 2 stands for less then $20 au including p@h (if I went and got 100 from the shops I would have paid at least $400 for the spoons and about $100 for the stands) I went to salvation army and they sold them for $2 each at least. And mind you I had some really old once as well. My nephew was over the moon we split them in half.
@xboxboy (5578)
24 Oct 07
i think the best buy i got on ebay was a second hand plastic hip from someone trying to save for a skiing holiday. i also purchased someones 21 yr old sister from a brother trying to raise funds for a cadillac. i had to return her as she would not operate at night.