Can you live without internet?

@mlpig2 (62)
October 24, 2007 1:21am CST
Nowadays,internet are more than a communicate tool,but the part of life.can you image what gonna happen if internet disappear from our life?
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• Malaysia
24 Oct 07
I guess I can't. Nowadays, many of my daily activities depends on internet. email, friends, jod, and so on. Sometimes, I can't do my work without internet. So sometimes I can't live without intetnet..
@coffeebreak (17811)
• United States
27 Oct 07
Guess we'd be living like we did in the 60's - 50's? There was a time when we didn't have it and we did okay! But the internet is fun and so much can be done with and on it, so I guess progess is progress.
@mariamcj (576)
• India
25 Oct 07
No, i can't live without internet. Even when electricity goes or has some internet connection problems i go mad..!
@megamerx (29)
• Philippines
25 Oct 07
internet is pretty much part of my daily routine so i won't live without it ... for now, i mean. my work is internet-based, i see my old friend sonly on the net, and i met my wife on the internet. so what else would expect of me without the net? well in the near future, we need to be ready coz life, including the net is not permanent ^_^
24 Oct 07
I cant live without the internet. It is part of my daily life.
@fhm1987 (243)
• Pakistan
24 Oct 07
interesting question! it will be a great shock for the whole world if such accident occurs. The gaps will be widened and the claims like "The world is Flat", "Global Village" etc will soon be disappeared. Every scientist, policy maker, etc. will try to find a solution or another way to make the world reconnected. indeed the time will be horrific!!
@katkat (2378)
• Philippines
24 Oct 07
No, I am so addicted in using internet nowadsys so I think it will be difficult to live without my computer and internet.
@Dolcerina (3378)
• Hungary
24 Oct 07
For me it is impossible to imagine my life without internet. I think it is as important as a bathroom in a flat. It is a comfort "product". The knowledge is on the net alredy. I see the internet is an information database. Everyone should have the possibility to access anytime.