what should be the proper diet of a 1year old toddler?

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October 24, 2007 5:01pm CST
my 1yr old son donot eat well .wan to know about some known fod in which kids are interested. what to give in breakfast ,lunch, snacks&dinner.which is full of nutrations.
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27 Oct 07
Hi ! I have a son of 3 year old. I have gone through this phase so I want to share my thoughts. Give him popcorn, murmura, potato cheaps, corn flakes in breakfast. Different kind of biscuits. Sometimes sweet biscuits, sometimes saulty. Plain Idli. A thin part of chappati with ghee spread over with little sault. You may give him halwa or Upama. Put some vegetables into it like grated carrot. You may give him Dal+Chawal+ghee. It should be little hot and semi solid. Soak the chappati into dal water for sometime, paste it add some dal + ghee into it and give to him in lunch. You may add some dry fruit powder into it. You can give him fruit juices. Grated cumcumber, apple boiled potato with little sault. Take floor of jwar, wheat fry it into ghee till it becomes little red. Add water into it and sugar to taste make a paste. Let it cook for some time. Give this paste little hot. He will love it to have. After one year of age, children should be given little of all things what adults are eating. Ofcourse no more chilli should be there. Hope, you will find it useful. Try it. OK. Bye. Miku1bhatwadekar
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27 Oct 07
hi miku your response is very useful for me.thanks for responding me.i will try all these things.goodday.
@SViswan (12065)
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2 Nov 07
Feeding a 1 year old - Nutrition balanced home-made food
Your one year old son can have everything you have. My younger son is 11 months and he is given everything that we have at home. What I do is I take a very small portion of whatever we are having that day (dal,veggies,fish,meat,etc) and cook it a little more and mash it with a little rice (if you want it a little smoother, you can put it in the mixie) and give it with a little curd. Nutritious and easy!