What do you think of this show?

@brandy78 (159)
October 24, 2007 6:11pm CST
I really like it so far.. The characters are really funny and the storyline keeps you going.. Can hardly wait to watch it tonight not that I needed another show to be addicted to lol.. whats your opinion.. and who do you think killed the Dad?
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• Philippines
3 Nov 08
i LOVED this show. so much. my favorite part - on the first season - was when nick came to Tripp's office along with his dad's briefcase asking Tripp if he happens to know the cmobination. you could see the emotion in tripp's face. very touching. i hope i won't be disappointed with the second season.
@ebsharer (5515)
• United States
20 Dec 07
I love this show too. I see that this question was asked 2 months ago, but its the only one on the show. How are you liking it now? Still intrested? I watch the show the next day online. Only 2 minutes of commercials that way.
• United States
13 Dec 07
Wow!!! I watched this show last night...and I LOVED it. I couldn't wait to come on here and see if anyone else liked it. I am usually in bed at 10, but I watched the first couple of minutes and next thing you know...I am hooked!!! I love the characters (it's also a semi-all-star cast) The story line is pretty good so far. Not sure about who killed the Dad, there are a few who didn't like him..maybe he's even still alive ;) Let's see where it takes us!! :)