Chrysler Jeep Liberty Factory RSA Radio Code With Sirius But Want XM

May 31, 2006 9:16am CST
Have a 2005 Jeep Liberty that has Chrysler's top of the line AM/FM/6-CD unit with Sirius receiver but would like to go away from Sirius to XM without having to replace the factory unit. The radio code for the built-in is "RSA". I have ha d no luck finding out through Chryser whether this Receiver has input jacks to support 3rd party external receiver for XM reception etc. I know that I could use a portable XM receiver and have it transmit the audio on an unused FM channel into the factory installed receiver - but that is not the approach that I am looking for. Would like to find someone to answer this item that perhaps has hands on experience with this scenario - which can offer qualified guidance. Anyone out there that can help?
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