What was the best NES game?

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October 25, 2007 3:08pm CST
I sit here, pondering what I believe to be the best NES (the original Nintendo) game that I ever had to blow into 3,000 times just to get it to play. What I come up with is a tie between Super Mario Brothers 1, and Contra. What is your opinion (Mike Tysons Punchout not far behind).
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13 Sep 09
original super mario, the legend of zelda, contra, then mike tysons punchout I thought that these were the best of the best on the NES. I still play all of them :)
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
9 Nov 07
Probably Super Mario Bros 1 And then some other ones Super Mario Bros 3 Contra Super Contra TMNT 2 Ninja Gaiden 2 Megaman 2
@caf48180 (281)
• United States
9 Nov 07
those three were great but also super mario 3 and my favorite was Galaxy 5000 not many people have heard of that one though.
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
8 Nov 07
I liked Super Mario Bros. 3, Megaman games in general, the 2 Zelda games. I got so many games I actually like that it'd be hard to just name one exactly. I like each of the games I got but the ones that stand out for me would be Mario 3, Megaman games 1-6, Castlevania 1-3, Turtles games, and others as well. It's really hard to pick one out of everything.