Working at this place has helped my back pain!

United States
October 25, 2007 6:38pm CST
Being a guy that has to sit at a computer all day is terrible for my back, especially after my car accident a few years ago. I used to work in a big call center that gave me very little freedom of movement and my back always paid the price. Now I work at a place called ActiveForever in Arizona and it has been a blessing. The company sells a wide variety of pain relief products and ergonomic products, which I have access to, so my working condition and back pain has significantly improved. I keep this thing called a Body Back Buddy at my desk which enables me to give myself a massage anywhere on my back with little effort. We also have this stuff called Biofreeze which is a pain relieving gel or spray. I used to avoid those kinds of things because they burn but this one feels really good and it works well. Anyways, if you suffer from chronic back pain like me, you should check out this company's website: . Let me know what you think!
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• United States
26 Oct 07
Hi Evil! I suffer from back pain too, I had surgery to remove a bulging disc on my L5. Not fun!! I know the pains of having to sit at a desk and not be able to move around much while at work. I wouldnt mind getting that body back buddy, that sounds really cool. Ive used Biofreeze for oh Id say the last 5 years. Its a great pain reliever and it feels really good. Nice and cool but hot and relaxing at the same time. My chiropractor sprays it on my back with every visit. I like how its in a spray or a rub on gel. It works great either way. I took a loot around the site, I have quite a few items that you sell. I was pleased to see that the site carries the pre-gelled Tens unit electrodes. I will be making a purchase, I need some new ones. Thanks for sharing! Bay Lay Gray xx
• United States
29 Oct 07
Thanks for the comment! That surgery sounds painful! Yeah, the Body Back Buddy is pretty cool. It's a really strange looking piece of equipment - certainly not something I would have found on my own if our product manager hadn't recommended it. Seems to be working though. BTW, I like your little computer cartoon... that's how I feel some days! :)
@mamounz (248)
• Israel
26 Oct 07
hi. this is verey interesting i am working in office too, and i am not moving and also i am not a sport lover so, i have a kind of pain in my back and it make some days very bad and i am locking for some help to get red from this pain so thanx i am going to check the site to see if i well find something that can help me thanx again