October 25, 2007 11:43pm CST
Why girl jealous with another girl or women ?
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
26 Oct 07
I guess because in a way women sort of compete against each other for the affections of men as it still is the men that seem to make the first step to a relationship and unfortunately sometimes men can't hide the pleasure they get in looking at other women, they may be only looking but to some women it hurts them, they say there is no harm in looking but I did a test on a couple of fellas once because I got sick of a friend of mine who always used to comment to his mates about other girls and it really hurt his wife so I was in a very naughty mood this day and a nice man walked past and I just said to her 'hey look at that" and she picked up on what I was doing and all she did was smile and nod her head and her husband went mental so it is not just women it is just that women have more sensitivity to the feeling of the man they are with...Oh and on that day I got told off by my then boyfriend for doing that he asked me if I was trying to break up their marriage, so I think the fellas hate it more when it is thrown their way....
• India
26 Oct 07
thanks for best reply
• China
26 Oct 07
bcoz they are meant to be jealous!....this is the reason why girls are girls and boys are boys!