what is the toughest thing to do in pro sports?

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October 26, 2007 9:54am CST
I was having a discussion with a peer the other night and he had the nerver to bad mouth America's past time...BASEBALL! I said it was America's sport and he replied with, "I dont know how much sport is involved". This lead to a huge debate in which I stated that hitting a baseball thrown by a Randy Johnson in his prime, or Josh Beckett now is the TOUGHEST thing to have to do in sports. Johnson threw a 105mph fastball, accompanied by a slider that broke 3 feet! By the time that leaves his hand you must determine if that is gonna be a wicked slider, fast fastball, or mean changeup! If you think a second too long and its a fastball, its past you! Plus, in the back of your mind you have to be thinkin of what it feels like to be hit by a rock hard ball being thrown 105 MPH!!!!!!!!! Anyways, what does the mylot public believe to be the toughest thing to do in sports, IE: making a goal in hockey, making a goal in soccer, returning a punt for TD in football, sinking putts, anything!
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28 Oct 07
I entirely agree with you. Not only because i play baseball but because it's simply the truth. There is so much skill and technique involved in the sport of baseball. It's so much easier to hit a jump shot. We've seen so many people at halftime during a basketball game get the opportunity to take shot from the half court line. Rarely do we see it go in, but it does happen. A person has complete control over a hockey stick and puck. Not to mention the goalie could always misjudge a shot. The same goes for soccer. Football isn't difficult in any way. You catch or throw the ball and you run. In nearly all the sports i spoke about, there is a slight chance of luck. Someone can trip, fall, or misjudge a ball. Not to mention you could have awful technique and still have success. When batting the only luck there is, is if the pitcher leaves a hanging curve ball. But even then the ball is going to travel 65 or more miles per hour. The average man won't even have the balls to stand in a batters box and look at a 90+ mile per hour fastball without backing away or flinching. You have no control over the ball or how the pitcher will throw it. If you don't make solid contact and keep the ball in fair territory it means nothing because its only another strike. Hitting a baseball with a bat is the Toughest thing to do in sports.
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29 Oct 07
THANK YOU SCORPIO! I played up til my junior year of high school, and I try to tell people how hard it was to hit then (i think I had like a .227 ave that year, I was known as a defensive catcher, not a bat) I mean, even then I was facing fastballs up to 85mph and wicked junk pitches.
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27 Jan 08
i agree with both of you in saying baseball is the toughest sport. there are so many things you need to factor in when you're at bat. if i may id say golf would be second. i say this mainly because golf goes down to the smallest mechanics and if you do a few or even one of them incorrectly that can potentially mess up your stroke completely. if you bring the clubface in at an angle you jeopardize hitting a slice or a draw, therefore you need to make up for it on your next shot. another thing is you cant play defense in golf. in baseball lets say youre having a bad day or youve been in a slump for a while, you can step it up on the defensive end. in golf you cant make up for it and stop your opponents. in baseball you can make a spectacular play on defense and make up for your lack of contribution on the offensive side. therefore i would have to say that aside from baseball, hitting a pitch from randy johnson or josh beckett, golf as the whole sport i think is the toughest thing to do in sports today.