Yuwie has already paid the members!!!

October 27, 2007 3:19am CST
Yuwie has paid those who reach the minimum amount of $25 dollars.and now becoming very popular all over the world!! New members coming everyday so fast! and now the members are in 199,865 members in just 3 months.and alexa ranking 5,564,wow!! i have been in Yuwie since august so far so good i am reaching my first payment by the next payment.you can earn money at Yuwie by creating blogs,uploading pictures,the same as what you are doing in other networking sites like Myspace,Facebook,and friendster just be active!!you earn most from your referrals.if you are interested to join click this link.i hope to see your beautiful smile on my friendslist. http://r.yuwie.com/eleine http://r.yuwie.com/eleine
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