October 28, 2007 3:11am CST
That's something i pray should never happen to anyone cos i know the pain of it personally and it pains too much if you have a kid and this goes on and you can't even see him.. What do you think of this so called Divorce...
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• India
28 Jun 09
Yes i know the amount of stress that's mental/emotional/physical we go thru as i am also going thru my divorce. if 2 people are unable to live together or adjust they should divorce rather than stretching the relationship. need to move on. once the trust is lost its no point continuing the relationship, if the couple has a child n the couple doesn't get along they should separate as soon as possible as the child may get affected emotionally. in the end if divorce is destined we cannot change it. that's life. take one day at a time
@acmepride (1546)
• United States
28 Oct 07
Without question, this tragically lethal practice of Divorce is largely responsible for breaking a lot of families and inflicting immeasurable pain to those who would unfortunately be victimized by such a destructive practice. Its continued existence and prevalence could likewise immensely contribute to the deterioration of the moral fiber of society. In fact, since our government recognizes the palpable deleterious effects of divorce, it made such a harmful practice illegal in our country. Understandably, I personally do not approve of it because it destroys families and even greatly affects the lives of those involved in it, especially the children of the spouses, if any. However, even If I do not personally agree to such a practice, I do understand those who resort to it, provided, of course, that it's perfectly legal in their country. My understanding comes from the real possibility that some of those who opt to take the divorce route are already pushed against the wall and their only option to rescue themselves is to file for such. If, for instance, both husband and wife already exhausted every conceivable means to reconcile their differences, but to no avail, and their relationship is truly irreparable, that continuing it would only lead to unintended consequences (i.e. infliction of crippling physical and intense psychologicel harm against each other) and their children, assuming they have any, would only be compromised by their constant fighting and cruelty to each other, I feel that it would seem fairly obvious that divorce, however condemnable an act it actually is, could be resorted to, if only to save the innocent victims--the children--and save the spouses from an unintended eventuality that they both may regret, if their unproductively broken marriage continues to persist.