Wordpress vs Blogspot/Blogger, which is the best?

@ameyrp (252)
October 28, 2007 3:38am CST
I'm contemplating of starting my own blog. My choice is between two of the most popular which are Wordpress (wordpress.com) and Blogger (blogspot.com). Which of these two free blogging platform is the best?
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@milott (2646)
• India
28 Oct 07
I personally prefer blogspot than wordpress, because blogspot is easy to use and simple, while wordpress is for geeks or semi-geeks. Besides if you are planning to use free subdomain with them, blogspot is best. If you have ur own domain name and would like to start blogging then wordpress is the best, where u can download it and use it in your site.
• India
26 Nov 07
Well if you have a domain then also you can host it for free with Blogger.com...yes and they will host it for free..so all you have to shell out is a mere $ 10 for domain from GoDaddy or eNom..
@macobex (108)
• Philippines
7 Nov 07
for my own opinion, i really prefer wordpress than blogspot. because it very flexible. but it somewhat confusing and complicated for newbie on blogging. But most expert will choose wordpress. many BLOGSPOT blogger convert their blog to wordpress blog. so if you want flexibility i prefer wordpress, but if you just want to post articles and make a simple blog, just stick with blogspot.
• Philippines
2 Nov 07
blogger is much simpler, for me at least. it can run on pure html codes only. i can easily customize my own templates, since im familiar with basic html codes. which wordpress? if it's the downloaded version, i like it better than blogger. lots of plugins, features... although customizing it on my own takes a lot of work since php is something new to me.
@yamimay (18)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
Hi, I am new here and when I added blogging to my interests I found one but with the Wordpress logo is in use. Are there bloggers who are under Blogspot here? For sure, I will have to look for you more. Anyway, as for your question. I like blogspot the most because it is so user friendly. Although some may say that Wordpress are for geeks because of its intensive features. But for me I prefer simplicity. I know CSS and other tagging tasks, yet I still like blogspot.
@wsue1023 (1396)
• United States
31 Oct 07
I'm certain Wordpress is hands down better than Blogger and while I have both types of blogs I have to confess that I actually prefer Blogger at present time. Yes, that's weird I know. Wordpress has so many gadgets and gizmos which make it very cool, but also make it a bit confusing and so much more time consuming to sort through. Just don't have the time at all. One of these days I'll hopefully figure it all out and benefit from Wordpress. Blogger is easy, simple, and yet very limited in what you can do and how much success you can achieve. What can I say?
@TravisE (444)
• United States
30 Oct 07
I prefer WordPress for their extensive customization and their much larger selection of themes.
@az03r4 (913)
• Indonesia
23 Nov 07
I think blogger is the best.. but, if u wanna more specific, I suggest wordpress. here is my blog on blogger. www.zura-diary.blogspot.com www.teens-made.blogsot.com www.fun4yours.blogspot.com www.advance-earth.blogspot.com and here is on wordpress. www.boisterousgirl.wordpress.com wanna share? I'd love too... c ya ! ^_^
@khateya (264)
• Australia
16 Nov 07
i really love the setting of wordpress that they allow many adjusting to the blog. blogger have very limited setting. But i chose to have my blog at blogger because wordpress don't allow any adertisment on your blog..
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@cozuni (42)
• Malaysia
9 Nov 07
Im using blogspot. It is easier to use than wordpress and it gives you more freedom on customizing the templates whereas, in Wordpress you do not get to use your own template design. Blogspot is more to HTML and Wordpress is more to CSS. I am quite confused when I want to edit something or add widgets in Wordpress. Blogspot is more user friendly to me.
• Philippines
7 Nov 07
I use blogspot. I'm more familiar with this site. And its easier to use. I started a blog on wordpress but it's not user friendly compared to blogspot so I use blogspot whenever I want to creat a new blog. Why should I make it harder when blogspot is very easy to use. Even beginners will not have hard times using blogspot.
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@anniepa (27523)
• United States
24 Nov 07
I thought it was just me but I signed up for Wordpress after someone told me how simple it was to use and I've been just sort of looking at it now and then wondering what the heck am I supposed to do! I have a blog on MySpace too and that's the one I use most. Annie
@ameyrp (252)
• Singapore
10 Dec 07
Hi anniepa. I believed you could start in Wordpress Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section at their website (http://faq.wordpress.com/). The FAQ got a lots of newbies questions answered and I believe it is very useful for any Wordpress newbie.
• New Zealand
9 Dec 07
Blogger is certainly easier to implement which I use, where wordpress can be made to be more "web alike". You can of course enhance a blogger template but perhaps not to the same extent as wordpress which can be more customizable in terms of presentation and add on components. But either way it's generally quality niche type content that attracts the readers - and to retain them. Some optimization for blogging is described in my site Internet Online cash in my mylot profile.