what's the best part of being a student?

October 28, 2007 4:52am CST
i love hanging out and meeting new friends!
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• India
6 Nov 07
best part of being a student? well, being a student is the best part of my life.... student life is the best as you are free to do what you want to. You are free from heavy responsiblities such as earning money, manging accounts,etc... just score good in your examintions and thats it! and yes, freinds score 10/10 in students life. you can share each and every thing with them and enjoy with them each and every moment...... So, my freinds are the best part of my student life!
• India
3 Nov 07
the best part of being a student is that you learn alot about new things... and there is always aomeone to help. You know its great that as a student you face alot less scrutiny than a person who is working. Life as a student is tough and relaxing... It kinda hard to explain...
@Moliliuzu (140)
• China
31 Oct 07
the library,and the friends there.
• United States
30 Oct 07
meeting friends, of course
• Philippines
28 Oct 07
The best part of being a student is hanging out with your friends, meeting new faces and become friends. And, of course, having your allowance. And also learning new things.