$EX EDUCATION IN Schools in India...

@subathra (3519)
October 28, 2007 7:26am CST
India gradually is being occupied by western culture.$ex education in western countries have been imposed in order to safe guard their youngsters..They need awareness and proper education in $ex life.But in India it is otherwise because $ex life is highly respected in India.They have fixed time frame for each and everything.Here play while play study while study and get a job before thinkling of life.According to Indian culture, a girl or a boy must have consent of parents to marry anyone. Even if younsters fall in love they need the permission from parents to get in marriage. But in foreign coutries specially in Europe youngsters have their own choice to marry anyone whom they love and they seek only blessings from parents.They give information not permission or approval.Really speaking youngsters get corrupted without knowing the meaning of life. That is why the divorces in those countries appear to be immense,and remarriages take place in plenty. Before come to know each other they start to lead $ex life. There is no chance in india . The youngsters are very careful in sellecting their life partners.Even convincing parents is a tough matter.so $ex education is not possible and acceptable in India.Government is neglecting many things in India Instead of introducing $ex education it is better to curb scenes in films.The vulgar scenes and violence scenes are ample in Indian films at present.I do not understand how these scenes escape without being cut by censor board. Take the film Sivaji, its theme is that richman has to part with the wealth that he finds it in excessive. To my surprise one crore is spent to complete this film. The songs are richly taken spending lavishly but the director has taken us to the stone age making the dancing girls dressed in a horrible manner.Seeing these scenes the youngsters will get corruped. My question is why these scenes not choped by censor board . Fashion shows are held in an unacceptable manner.. To safe guard the rich Indian culture certain measure should be taken by the government.Indian boys and girls are fully aware of the $ex life .True $ex is a hidden matter . We should not expose it by means $ex education in schools to children.
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
28 Oct 07
What was not requried for 100s of years in our country is now required in low dosages, not in exaggreration.Students any how learn in biology class, about animal reproductive acticvity, human etc. The same thing with some morals, it can be explained with great restraint, not to be experimented by the children at that age. Curiosity kills the cat. So there sould be transparency, but nothing of that sort is seen. Before the children dig into websites (adult), it is better to explain the good and bad of it, what is the right age, what happens if it is practiced early etc. simple 30 minutes a week shouldbe good dosage.
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