why do boys always have to understand the girls?

October 28, 2007 10:09am CST
everything work in harmony, the yin and young... but it doesnt apply in a relationship... its always the boys who should give in order for a relationshi to work... it always the boys who always have to look after if the relationship works or not.. girls are simply playing naive... or they simply are...
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@Jorden91 (53)
• United States
9 Dec 07
it does seem like it's a give give situation for the guy. I know what it feels like to give 100 percent and then only get ten percent back, you run out of steam fast and you nee to be able to give and take when you need to in order for it to work
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
9 Dec 07
At least when it comes to stateside, you are absolutely correct in your grievance. The guys are required to understand girls in every single aspect of contact and relationships. Let's put it in perspective. The guy has to know harassment laws (which have gone out of control) The guy has to know how to approach a girl (even in the 21 independent "modern" woman era) The guy has to ask out the girl (see above) If the guy gets rejected its his fault, he's a "loser" (no mention of her being picky, using or cruel) If the guy rejects her, he's a scumbag, "shallow", etc (and he's got to understand to be a "better" person.../facepalm) If he asks her out he has to pay... If she asks him out he has to pay (and he has to "understand" both samples -_-) If he breaks up with her its his fault and he's a scumbag, If she breaks up with him its his fault and he's a "loser" (he's got to understand those too) He cheats on her its his fault and he's a scumbag She cheats on him its his fault and he's a "loser" (and he's got to understand and tolerate it... -_- *growing anger...*) If he needs space he's a coward, "commitmentphobe", etc If she needs space he's doing something wrong (and he's got to understand all reasons in this) He's got to understand and consider her needs, problems, feelings at all times She doesn't have to if she doesn't want to (yep... and he's got to understand this too. Oh yes, and if he has feelings he's a "wuss") If the relationship/marriage has problems its his fault and he's got to understand her feelings (even marriage counseling stories back this up, oh and no requirements for her yet again -_-) And WHY? Because it degenerated while people were not looking. Take a real good look at things, I mean REALLY good and you'll see it. Take a look at dating magazines by gender or just magazines/websites by gender. Look at just the cover and see whats on it. Going on memory (Female)Plenty of it is about what one can do for the self, how to break up, and a few on how to aquire a man(much less keep). (Male)Plenty of that is how to do all the general steps of a relationship (approach, first date, date, Valentines maintaining relationships, wedding, marriage). I'll admit there are excellent women out there, the problem is a majority do not see whats going on, even in their relationships, beliefs, conduct. I've been able to amass personal experience and was able to multiply it from friends, family, other peer groups and seperate cases.
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
9 Dec 07
It's really sad that you feel that way =( I think often one (or both) parties in a relationship feel this way because it is not a good relationship. Although in certain situations, one partner may have to sacrifice but not the other, a relationship should always be balanced, and both partners should be able to give and take. =) I hope that you meet someone with whom you can be happy and have such a relationship.
@Ace2242 (111)
• India
30 Oct 07
well that is isn't true for all the relationships ...i do agree to some extent that maybe it happens , but i feel that this goes the same for girls also . if both the people in the relationship are willing to work at creating a bond that is unbreakable then they both try to understand each other to their extent so that its easier for them to handle anything that comes or is between them .