What do you feel about going to your high school reunion?

October 28, 2007 12:55pm CST
We usually have our high school reunion yearly and there would only be few classmates that would come to the gathering which is usually just a dinner and sharing of how we are now in life. But I wonder how we usually feel before going to the gathering. Just like the movie "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion", I get anxious at times seeing my classmates. I am the quiet, shy type, achiever in school and not the popular and really sociable ones, that's why I get anxious I guess. How about you, what do you feel about going to your high school reunion?
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@amy1224 (12)
• China
8 Nov 07
Hi,skimgurl. I have the different feeling with you. Eve time i look forward to the reunion which usually is held about six days after the New Year Festival.At university,i am a quiet girl too and not a sociable kind of person. Most of my friends are made in high school, so reunion is a good opportunity for us to gey together and feel close to each other.
8 Nov 07
Hi amy1224. That's nice to know that you have a different feeling from mine, though we have the same personality. I know there are good bonds and trusts that I formed in high school. Actually, I have a group of friends and I met my best friend of 19 years from high school. I also feel that my batchmates are people that I have confidence in. Although I recall that I've also met more variety of people when I was in college. I guess that's because I am from an all-girls high school. Being in an all-girls high school have its advantages as well as disadvantages. I don't feel anxiety when I go to a reunion with my college classmates...I feel excited, I guess I'm more comfortable with them. In high school, probably because I was too young to understand the things that are happening around me and that there was a lot of drama and politics that quite affected me. These hindered me to be more close to more of my batchmates than I should have or maybe it's all just in my mind now. I do attend my high schoolreunions for the past years and yep there is still anxiety but I do face it. I'm learning to be more open now and enjoy their company as well as get to know the person that they are.
@shiloh_222 (5479)
• Philippines
29 Oct 07
hi skimgurl... well, me too, i am apprehensive and who isnt... hahaha... you know how similar i am to you (in some aspects)... i dunno why is there such an age-old feeling of anxiety of having reunions...sigh... hahah