Who is your favorite movie heroine?

October 28, 2007 3:35pm CST
There's not nearly as many interesting heroines in mainstream cinema as their are interesting heroes, which is disappointing. That's not to say there aren't any, though. A few of my favorites include: Mercedes from Pan's Labyrinth--- amazingly tough, resourceful and clever, and capable of defending herself against even someone as terrifying as The General. In fact, Ofelia, the little girl from that movie, is also a great heroine, curious, smart and with a strong sense of honor. Margie from Fargo--- Yes, she's nice and she has a funny, cutesy accent, but she's also a tenacious cop who does her job well and doesn't let being pregnant slow her down. Ripley from Alien---- Probably the toughest heroine in Sci-Fi, she gets things done, no matter how difficult or how many terrifying aliens may be around. How about you? Who are your favorite heroines, and why?
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@aaidjs (1149)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
29 Oct 07
Hello, If I understand you ask as for the best movies heroin!!My the best movie heroine is Barbarella with Jane Fonda!!The reason is that I was so young when I saw the movie for a firs time and Barbarella was so nice and strong!!Warm regards Silvana
@brimia (6584)
• United States
29 Oct 07
My favorites are Hitchcock films with Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, and Tippi Hedren as the heroines. Also, I love Elinor and Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility.
@sahiko (38)
29 Oct 07
I like Patrick Bateman the most, from American Psycho.He has no emotions and can rarely be affected by anything.He's like a smart animal.
@xboxboy (5578)
28 Oct 07
it must be the deadly femme fatale babara stanwyck in 'double indemity'. the first icy cool killer!