Please Tell Me What E-Gold is?

United States
October 28, 2007 5:45pm CST
hi, i see there are several different companies that use e-gold instead of paypal? i have gone to the e-gold site and i just am not getting it?! what do they mean it is "electronic" funds? can you get real cash for it? is it better than paypal? worse? please let me know, thank you :-)
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• Philippines
18 Nov 07
i use egold also. but you have to know which site is the real egold. there is a fake egold site. and your computer must be protected from bad entry. i had to get zone alarm and spy doctor and others to block bad entries of hackers.
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
18 Nov 07
I used egold account to get my earnings here. It just got some problems that I think is over now. They convert your cash to gold equivalent and when you want convert it to cash. you have to sell it to an exchange center where they convert your gold value to cash and send it to the bank account you give them. I already have experience encashing from egold. it is easy and you get to gain when gold increase in value against currency.
@yaayaya (206)
• China
31 Oct 07
E-gold is a kind of vitual currency. It's so popular in the Internet trades. If you want to earn money online, I think e-gold a one of the necessary tools.
• United States
28 Oct 07
I would rather use paypal but it is online money thing like paypal but I dont trust any of them go check out the site it tells you everything you need to know on there