life ouside the earth

October 29, 2007 4:10am CST
always we can see in the science fiction that Aliens attack earth, and people will be rescued by some do you believe the existence of life outside the earth?if you do believe,how they live? just like us in social? or they live in a wonderful and charming world peacefully and harmony that will attracting all of us? or maybe they live in the eqivalent of the Stone Age... here wait to your imagination...
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
29 Oct 07
I do believe there is life outside our earth. First reason is we are in one universe. Secondly there are physical material such as planets, moons, asteroids and stars. But they are in different life dimensions. Thirdly every dimension will have different living criteria. To produce good imagination, one's has to penetrate the dimension level and see things lively. Like went to heaven, and once got back to earth, tell the real story about it to people.
• China
29 Oct 07 could first go to heaven, and then back to earth lively and freely or just like that...good idea but sounds difficult...maybe through time travel using time spacecrafe is far from enough...maybe we also need a tour guide in case we wont lost,so have a nice trip...hehe:-)