my brother treats her VS me....

October 29, 2007 7:58am CST
my brother treats her like a princess. treats me like servant(sometimes) my brother treats her like the queen of all. treats me like nothing my brother loves her so much. no idea if he loves me or not my brother buy her everything she wants. tell me not to waste money my brother never shout at her before. shout at me even if i did no wipe the dining table her is now my sister-in-law... i feel so sad. do everyone change once they get married? i just wants my brother to treat me nice and fair. how come it seems so hard?
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@bubuth (1815)
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
Maybe he show his sweetness in both of you in different way. Sister and wife has a very big difference. Maybe he just want you to be responsible in the future so don't feel jealous on her. Try to make friend her to be your friend,i think someday you will like her..
@subha12 (18449)
• India
30 Oct 07
I must say its very bad of him. He will definitely treat his wife very well, but it does not mean that he will treat you so badly. I think he is treating you like a maid. Most people changes after marriage. But change in this way is too bad. Try to be as far as possible from them and enjoy your own life.
@batulboy (194)
• Philippines
29 Oct 07
its normal and abnormal at the same time....its normal because he is being hypocratic to her wife right now.....youlll see the changes every once in a while..... the n youll notice that you both would get the same negative treatment your brother used to give you....... for now you have to give them space and give yourself some time to enjoy far from their site