scape from nearly death.

October 29, 2007 9:53am CST
do you sometimes think that you scape the death.thiers a strong blast happened at one of the mall about 2 weeks ago.i was about to go to that place,by 12;30 im on the way but i suddenly decide to drop by at the kodak center to develop some picture then i decided to wait for about 30 min. i hear the srong blast comming from where im suppose to be.was so shock and run and take a taxi.11 dead and hundread wounded.i remember too, there a trained bombing in 2000 with many died on that bomb, i was in exactly the same train and off at the station before the station where it explode,as soon as i get on the bus heading to the province was shock that i saw in the tv.its a matter of time. and i still alive.time save me.everything that happened i decided not to tell to my family and some of my friend its was a year before i told them.i been in car accident before but it was not fatal jan.2 2002.sometimes i think about it before i sleep at night.what if? then i think im lucky to still about you? have you ever had this kind of experience?what you think after?
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