@Anouke (61)
October 29, 2007 6:03pm CST
Does your grandparents meet their grandchildren often? what kind of support do you get of them considering the kids? I´m in the sad situation here,my dad,who used to be very close to me,divorced of my mum and moved away with his new wife.They live about an hour drive-way in here,but still,he does not ever ask nothing of his three granchildren,does not call,come to see us,nothing!still in every christmas he wants to buy presents for them,and I think why would he bothered? He doesn´t keep in touch in whole year,don´t know nothing about our life but still wants to buy presents.Is he feeling quilty of something or would like to be a part of our life after-all or what do you think?
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19 Dec 07
My son sees his fathers side of grandparents, but not my side. He has never seen my parents, but he always sees his dads parents. We use to live with them until recently when we found our own place. I don't have much contact with my family as they all just try to cause problems between me and Joey. They never managed to, but they still keep trying. ~Joeys wife
• Canada
29 Oct 07
Well I grew up with never seeing my grandparents until I was eight years old because they lived in another country! The one month I was there my grandparents did everything for both my brothers and I and brought us everywhere around the country. Now though I haven't talked with them since because of the war happening there so that is the only reason. In your view I believe you should talk with your father about this since it doesn't seem right for him to only acknowledge his grandchildren during Xmas. He should at least grab a phone call because I doubt living an hour drive away is going to cost a lot phone-wise.