Do You Report Incidents Involving Racism?

October 29, 2007 11:17pm CST
Do you report it when you see racism or prejudice against minorities in your community or at your workplace?
2 responses
• Australia
4 Nov 07
I know once in the workplace, I overheard a fairly racist comment. At least, it was either racist or intended as some kind of ridiculous joke which made no logical sense. One of our managers had said, "What we should of done with this war on Iraq is sent over all the Aboriginies to get killed..." It amazed me that not a single person said anything. Although, at the time I didn't say anything either. I think I was in shock, and confused about whether or not he was serious. I don't know if I'd ever go so far as to 'report' a racist comment, but I would like to think I could state that I disagree and give reasons as to why. I suppose if a person was being deliberately discriminated against because of their race, then hopefully I would talk to the person doing the discrimination and try to find out if it really is racially motivated. If it is, then possibly state that you don't think it should occur at work and then report it. Hmm, difficult question really. I don't think anyone should have to be discriminated against, and if someone was being repeatedly discriminated.. I would end up snapping and replying despite feeling nervous to do so. Do you report it?
• Pakistan
2 Nov 07
I think it is very bad to hate some one belonging to minorities. No religion teaches such type of racism or prejudice. Every religion is based on humanity. We could not claim our self Moslem, Christian, Hindu, Jews, and believers of any religion up till and un less we do not love to humanity. Love to humanity teaches us to love every body and it contradict prejudice and racism.