Helping you to speed up your torrent downloads

@aahlei (43)
October 30, 2007 10:11am CST
One again from me... Before we actually start with configuring to speed up, there are several things you have to know: 1. Internet Speed. Don't be confused by the speed you are connected from your LAN (Ethernet)port to your modem/router. That is NOT Your Internet Speed. Look at the package you subcribed with your Internet Service Provider (ISPs). You should be able to know the speed. Example will be 5Mbps/512Kbps Upload. (Note: The 'Mbps'or 'Kbps', the 'b' in small letters actually means 'bits' and not 'bytes'.) 2. Router? Are you using a router? If you are you probably have to know the model of your router and forward the port correctly. 3. Firewall. Remember to allow the port that you're going to set later on. 4. Your Favorite Bittorrent Client. There are so many programs release in the market. But witch is your Favorite? Choose your Favorite and let's go! (Note: That I'm only showing screenshots for BitComet & uTorrent.) 5. Seeds. The number of seed that's actually seeding the torrent, the more the merrier. If there are many torrent for a particular download you're interested in, be sure you get the right one. 6. I think that's all you need to know to start speeding up. Fire your Favourite torrent client and Let'd Go...!!!
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@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
22 Nov 08
I kinda agrees with you but I also found some other solutions to speed up torrent download. Download U64 xppatch or vistapatch. Unpacked the winrar file and install the bat file. Then you go to the regitry editor and edit the number of packet connection that you have and voila. A faster torrent download. I'm not sure if it is legal or not though. If you have info about this leave some comment here.